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Auto Gelato #33 - 5 cannabis seeds

Auto Gelato #33 - 5 cannabis seeds

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The Gelato cannabis strain is one of the hottest cultivars in the US cannabis scene. Created by the famous Cookie Fam. breeders from Northern California, and the man himself Sherbinski, is considered for many users the most optimal cannabis strain now. Also called a “Larry Bird cut” due to the number 33, which was the 33rd phenotype among many in the Gelato phenohunt (there are also very good phenos like #41, #25, or #45 the most known ones) is the strongest and carrying the most long-lasting effect of all Gelatos. Next to the typical sweet, creamy, milky ice-cream-like aroma, the #33 also has got that kushy gas. The combination of those two terpene profiles and a high THC provides a very profound, complex, and strong effect.

The hard-to-get Gelato genetics have been hidden from the public for many years, but now thanks to a wider spread of a worldwide acceptance of cannabis as a friendly plant, and a big legalization wave in the US, we can bring you the Cali fire to your own garden wherever you are. Usually, the Gelato#33 was the hardest to get, and difficult to clone. Also, it never provided drastically huge yields, so it was usually just a top-notch connaisseurs type of cultivar. In its photoperiodic version, the Gelato#33 required some experience to bring up its full potential.

Our Auto Gelato#33 will give you all the aroma/effect and the beautiful colors, with light green to dark shades and the pungency of the original “Larry Bird cut”,  but thanks to our Ruderalis, it will be much easier to grow, almost in any conditions, without sacrificing the power and desired Gelato effects.

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