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Auto GMO Cookies - 5 cannabis seeds

Auto GMO Cookies - 5 cannabis seeds

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The Cookies family of cannabis strains has taken over the world of cannabis in recent years. This Californian brand is responsible for bringing up many amazing cookie-dominant strains like Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, Do-Si-Dos, and others. Cookie’s line of genetics brings some totally new terpene profiles that existed before. Cookies stand for a perfect marriage between that old-school skunky, earthy, gassy side of OG Kush, and the more sweet, creamy, vanilla dough-like flavors stemming from the Cherry Pie and Durban Poison side of exotic characteristics. A lot of the Cookies cross surprise growers with a variety of different phenotypical expressions. This is the case with GMO Cookies. The Garlic, Mushroom, Onion Cookie is an exceptional cultivar with a twisted garlicky/onion taste and flavor. The smell is rather vanilla, gas but once out of your lungs, it turns into the sharp flavor of baked onions or mushrooms. It is really an exceptionally surprising experience. Also, the THC content in the case of the GMO is outstanding which makes it one of the most potent cannabis strains nowadays.

All the above is now combined with our famous and stable Ruderalis which allowed us to create an auto-flowering version of the GMO Cookies. Growing our Auto GMO Cookies is relatively easy, as the plant shows good resistance against varying temperatures and insects.  GMO Cookies is known for its double-in-size stretch in the flowering, so if you will have her indoors, take care of a decent height of your room. In outdoor conditions, GMO will thrive and stretch up to even 150 cm. GMO produces plenty of small-sized buds rather than just one main cola.

We know that the hype is not always what it claims to be. However, with the Cookie cannabis strains, the hype is well-grounded, because of the crazy terpene profile and the potent effects.

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