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Auto Gorilla Glue #4 - 5 cannabis seeds

Auto Gorilla Glue #4 - 5 cannabis seeds

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Yes, that’s right. The Auto Gorilla auto-flowering seeds are your fast and easy option for growing one of the most potent and special cannabis strains in the world. Chronic & Caviar has made that even more special by creating an auto-flowering Gorilla Glue, by using the original clone of this strain and crossed it directly to the ruderalis. What you will get is a pure GG#4, with all her amazing chemically, feully and citrusy terpene profiles, strong uplifting Sour Diesel like high and amazing production of chunky buds. The THC crystals’ coverage will blow you away when you will find out that most of the sugar leaves will be full of frosty trichomes which makes this strain perfect for any type of hash extraction.

The original clone of GG4 that was used in this cross magically carried all the best characteristics to the auto-flowering seed version. The stability of this strain is also a surprising factor. You can expect very much uniform plants, with no, to little phenotypical differences. Auto Gorilla tends to grow tall due to her diesel genetics, so the majority of the phenos will reach 100-120 cm or more outdoors. However, what makes our Auto Gorilla special, is her resemblance to the original cut. Well-grown, organically fed Auto Gorilla buds after the proper drying and curing will be almost identical to her photoperiodic counterpart on the level of aroma, flavor, and effect.

The Auto Gorilla in her full glory can surprise many cannaseurs and it can put to shame many other strains that are no auto flower and take longer to finish. If you need a quick supply of that sticky Gorilla buds, then look no further!

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