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Do-Si-Dos - 5 cannabis seeds

Do-Si-Dos - 5 cannabis seeds

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Our Chronic & Caviar  seed catalogue would not be complete without the Do-Si-Dos! Behind this mysteriously sounding name there are some exquisite genetics! Read in Spanish  “dos y dos” simply means “two and two” so “Twenty Two” ! This one must be one of our own favorite strains to grow and smoke. Never disappointing. Combination of all the flavors and effect-dimensions that we all love. One hitter dank weed.

Behind this mysteriously sounding name there are some exquisite genetics! Do-Si-Dos' parents are phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies- represented by its OGKB (OG Kush Breath) phenotype  , and an amazing specimen of the real deal, original and old school OG Kush, namely- Face Off OG that comes from one of the most acclaimed heirloom genetics, Oregon breeder from Archive.  The combination of the new-school GSC modern twist to the OG Kush and the old school fire stinky OG Kush of Face Off OG makes Do-Si-Dos one of the strongest, and most complex when it comes to potency strains from our collection. The OG Kush Breath phenotype is one of the loudest Cookies pheno's that has been used for many other amazing crosses. And the Face Off OG genetics, will guarantee any cross bred with it to become real dank cannabis! You will probably be able to find phenotypes from both OGKB and Face Off OG sides, which in any case will provide you with a top quality OG smoke.

There are definitely two main phenotypes to look for. The smaller,early (58-63 days)one, with very compact buds, almost purple leaves and the earlier finisher will be your OGKB dominant phenotype, very strong cookie/earthy/kushy flavour and strong smoke. The second pheno that can be dominating among the seeds will be more OG leaning phenotype. This one will take a bit longer to finish (65-70 days) but it will have that amazing pine-sol/lemon/mint/camphor terpene profile

Do-Si-Dos is not a very challenging plant to grow, and it is very much suitable for the beginners as well as professionals. It grows quite compact, and it let's itself be trained or SCROG'ed. It is not nutrient sensitive and you can easily feed it heavily with boosters. Already in the first weeks of the growing phase, you can smell gas on your fingers if you rub on the stem or the leaves! Exactly due to its powerful pungent aromas, it is highly recommended to use an efficient smell control system while growing this strain!  

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