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Dolato - 5 cannabis seeds

Dolato - 5 cannabis seeds

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And here we go again, the myriad of amazing US crosses is continuing with Dolato. This strain is a baby of a marriage of Gelato#41 and the Do-Si-Dos (Nor Cal cut)! Yes, you cannot go wrong with crossing two one of the most amazing cultivars out there. The Gelato is known for its sweet but gassy and fruity Italian ice aroma and creamy flavor with an unbeatable super chill relaxing high that lasts forever. Like her cousin sister Sunset Sherbet, you can expect a one-hit wonder when cultivated in an optimal way. The Do-Si-Dos also needs no further explanation. This strain has gained its popularity due to its all-encompassing qualities which represent a wide spectrum within the cannabis genome, and it is a result of crossing Face Off OG which is a potent old-school OG Kush phenotype with an OGKB (Og Kush Breath) which is an OG dominant phenotype belonging to the Cookie/Gelato family.

​The Dolato comes with everything that you would expect from a mix of such amazing parents. Just like the Gelato#41 , Dolato packs a punch with a wave of all those Gelato terps and it brings a bigger production to the table. The Do-Si-Dos part of genetics guarantees an extra euphoric, feel-good, potency and even more of that cakey, doughy, creamy mix of flavors and aromas. The very high THC percentage reaching easily up to 25%-30% is guaranteed with this amazing cultivar. Dolato belongs to one of our own favorites thanks to it combining everything that an old-school OG Kush or Skunk cannaseur can appreciate with an extra added new-school Gelato quality on top of it.​

Growing Dolato may be a little bit tricky and is surely demanding your daily care and attention. Like is the case with all the Gelato dominant crosses, you want to make sure not to overfeed them, and not to expose them to too much light or high temperatures. Some of them are also very sensitive when it comes to Low-Stress Training. They also tend to grow slow in the vegetative phase. Some of the phenotypes may take up to 10 weeks in flowering and tend to stretch a bit, so keep your space high enough. Even though Dolato may be a finicky and demanding girl, the results are nonetheless mind-blowing, and you will easily fall in love with her.

​Dolato is an all-over, almost optimal strain. Dark looking, gassy cream, sweet ice cream sugar aroma coming from the buds is just too amazing. The effect is just feeling good all day long. Dolato could also be used to relieve the symptomen of chronic pain patients, PTSD, depression, or anxiety.

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