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Duct Tape - 5 cannabis seeds

Duct Tape - 5 cannabis seeds

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Another Northern California super strain that guarantees a potent, exotic, special, and well-producing modern cannabis plant!  Hailing from the famous Archive collective, this cross of the famed GG#4 (Original Glue) with a Nor-Cal favorite - the Do-Si-Dos checks many boxes and makes it a good strain to grow out.  With parental lineage like these two strains, you cannot go wrong with trichome production and the amazing terpene profiles from both parents will always come afront. Duct Tape is one of the stickiest strains that you will ever encounter. Its name fits the character of this cultivar. A favorite among many growers and smokers in California.​

Duct Tape is relatively easy to grow. It takes a lot of vigorous growth from the GG#4 , which makes it a good plant for topping/ training. If not topped or trained it can stretch quite a bit, so be warned if you have space issues. Duct Tape is not your cash cropper, but it produces a decent yield of buds with a little leaf formation. It is recommended to let her get properly ripe, meaning that harvesting her after day 70 of flowering will result in the stickiest and smelliest cut in your garden. Due to almost 30% THC and huge resin glands, Duct Tape suits all the hash maker’s needs too.​

The effects of the Duct Tape are what make it special. It will give you a long-lasting, complex high. Depending on the pheno, time of flowering you can achieve more active or sedative effects. But overall Duct Tape will give you that warm heady buzz around your forehead, will put a smile on your face and if enjoyed too much it will put you to a nice couch lock. However, all in all, the Duct Tape will make you taped to her relaxing and elevating property.​

The flavor is all chocolate, gas, kushy and creamy from the Do-Si-Dos side of things. The “Nor-Cal Do-Si-Dos” cut that has been used in this strain brings a lot of fire into the table with that amazing terpene profile and the terpenes that will make you fall in love with her again and again. Also, the Duct Tape must be one of the best bag appeal strains in our catalog. The buds will often turn into a nice dark, almost black color with some lighter hues. The strain has a very pungent aroma, so take care to seal your bags properly.​

Duct Tape is also a wonderful medicinal cannabis strain that can be used to help fight many ailments across the spectrum. However, the most known aspects in which this strain helps patients are- chronic pain conditions, stress anxiety, PTSD, and insomnia.

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