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Mimosa Champagne - 5 cannabis seeds

Mimosa Champagne - 5 cannabis seeds

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We are proud to present one of the most cutting-edge strains that has emerged in the US cannabis scene in recent years. It is a sativa-leaning indica named after the famous Sunday cocktail. Mimosa Champagne is a genetic mix of Purple Punch, a strain that has evolved of the GDP,Purple Urkle genetics and it is being used to cross with other strains in order to bring up the fruity-grapey terps and a nice chunky bud structure. Purple Punch has been a breeder’s favorite. The second part of the genetics is a Clementine. It is a sativa-dominant cross of two very uplifting strains-Tangie and Lemon Skunk. The combination of those, make Mimosa Champagne a real treat when it comes to its balanced effects and fruity aromas. The most famous and known cut of Mimosa is labeled Mimosa#26, and it is the one that defined its further crosses.

Mimosa Champagne strongest point is definitely its tangerine aroma. The very citrusy, tropical smells will bombard your mouth with every toke. It contains high levels of beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene, so the most uplifting of all the essential oils in cannabis. The look of Mimosa’s buds is also very appealing and dense thanks to the Purple Punch lineage.
Take a hit or two, and you’ll immediately taste the terpenes, and fruity flavors of oranges, concord grapes, and subtle berry. All of that dances across your tongue as the flavors are carried by the soft, yet full-bodied smoke from each hit you take. You’ll likely notice some super subtle banana after tastes that truly do complement the idea of the refreshing beverage for which this Mimosa was named. This strain has euphoric and creative cerebral effects that make Mimosa a great strain for starting your day, or for beginners looking for an all-day smoke.
Mimosa Champagne is a truly special cultivar, however its cultivation is a tricky one. Mimosa is not a good strain for novice growers. It is a very sensitive plant and can be influenced by wrong conditions and nutrients, but once dialed-in properly will bring you back its all beauty.

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