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Strawberry Glue - 5 cannabis seeds

Strawberry Glue - 5 cannabis seeds

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Strawberry Glue is yet another perfect representation of modern US cannabis genetics. It is a cross of a famous Gorilla Glue#4 with a Strawberry Diesel. The Gorilla’s genetics stand for that skunky, Kushy, gassy goodness, providing strong high and a good yield is combined with a Strawberry Diesel’s genetics which comes from crossing of two American favorites- the NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough. With this incredible mix of both creamy strawberries and a lot of diesel gas, you can expect some sticky, gluey, strawberry smoothies.

If there can be a strain that is easy to grow, it is the Strawberry Glue. Very vigorous growth in the vegetation transfers into plenty of side branches and very thick flower formations. The growth structure reminds that of Strawberry Cough, but the bud formation is all about the GG#4 with the thickness and the abnormal trichomes production, and a great bud-to-leaf ratio. The only disadvantage of this cultivar is that in some conditions she will tend to stretch in the flowering period. We strongly recommend topping, filming and LST training started early on. It will result in more compact, bushy plants.

The Strawberry Glue is a hungry girl. She is very much resistant to overfeeding, meaning that you can easily pump up that PK or CalMag regimen starting from the week 5-6 of flowering and it will not result in any symptoms of the overfeeding which can often result in stunted growth. If all those factors are put into action, the Strawberry Glue will give you a big harvest.  Some phenotypes may need an extra week in the flowering for their full potential, so if you see that the calyxes are not yet swollen enough, we recommend letting her flower up to day 70 to 75. It is one of the best-producing plants from our collection.

The sweet, strawberry-like aroma is a definitive bonus with Strawberry Glue. The fruity terps make this strain a pleasure to consume, it is very smooth and even though it has a “Cough” in its genetics, you will not cough your lungs out. However as very often, sweet things can also cause a couchlock, so don’t forget that Strawberry Glue contains a lot of terps from the Gorilla Glue which makes it a potent strain.

The medicinal cannabis patients will find out that Strawberry Glue is an exceptional medicinal strain. Not only due to a high % of THC (20-25%) and an abundance of terpenes that will soothe chronic pain conditions but also the CBD content is quite high for such a strong THC strain. The CBD levels in Strawberry Glue can reach even up to 2% of CBD which makes it all-around great medicinal strain that can possibly help in fighting many different health issues ranging from pain, inflammation, arthritis, muscle issues, etc.

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