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Watermelon - 5 cannabis seeds

Watermelon - 5 cannabis seeds

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Watermelon, aka Watermelon Kush is without a  doubt one of the most mysterious cannabis strains out there. As was the case with many other  “mystery-cuts” from the past like the OG Kush, Chemdawg, Cheese, Watermelon is yet another one. The exact genetics of Watermelon is undisclosed. There are some people who claim it to be a very “melon” tasting phenotype of a famous strain LA Confidential. Some are also claiming it to be a descendant of the Cinderella’99 or a Pineapple Express.  We will probably never know exactly what genetics are really behind the Watermelon cannabis strain, but all we know is that this strain is simply amazing and has been used in many new US exotic strains like Watermelon Zkittlez, Watermelon OG, or Watermelon Gelato. The overwhelming fresh, juicy watermelon aromas are always traceable in any of the Watermelon crosses out there.

What is surely known is that Watermelon is an Indica dominant hybrid, leaning more towards the Indica side of things because of her rather sedative, and body effects. Also, the production and the size of buds are a clear indication of Watermelon being an Indica dominant hybrid. The vigor in the growth phase is remarkable, and you can expect big, wide plants. Watermelon is suitable mostly for larger-sized gardens, or for those people who can manage the size through the LST and topping techniques.  Outdoor Watermelon thrives to huge sizes of even 3 meters. Most of our Watermelon phenotypes always yield amazingly well in comparison to other strains. If you are looking for a good-yielding and easy-to-grow plant, then the Watermelon is for you!

Watermelon’s beautiful fruity and fresh terpene profile makes it a weed that you will want to keep on smelling all the time. The taste is all sweet, fruity, watermelon with a noticeable hint of grape. The flavor and aroma compliment nicely, or perhaps are also responsible for the Watermelon’s distinct euphoric indica effects. This is a very much sought-after factor among cannabis lovers. The look of the buds is also very appealing, mostly light green lime colors with here and there vibrantly reddish hairs. It has that old-school, prototype cannabis strain.

Obviously is Watermelon also a spot-on choice for medicinal cannabis users. You can treat pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and an all-around good anti-inflammatory agent as a flower or a concentrate, oil, or a tincture always keeping that fantastic watermelon aroma.

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