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Banana Sherbet - 5 cannabis seeds

Banana Sherbet - 5 cannabis seeds

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If there is one strain that has been making the biggest waves in the US cannabis community, then it must be the Sunset Sherbert strain. This famous Californian cultivar bred by one and only Sherbinski, who is also responsible for giving us all the amazing Gelato strains,  represents all that “new” goodness of a marriage of three powerhouse genetics – OG Kush, Cherry Pie, and Durban Poison (F1 Durb). If you have ever wondered what kind of cannabis you will get from such a myriad of great strains- then the Sunset Sherbet is your answer with it is pungent, sweet, gassy, vanilla-like, cake aromas that will not only make you smell it all day long, but also provides a powerful, yet relaxing effects that last very long.

​Now imagine what would happen if you added some amazing Banana Kush to the mix of Sunset Sherbet? Well, then you will get a Banana Sherbet cannabis cultivar that will blow away a lot among the cannabis community. The Banana Kush aka Banana OG is a mix of a legendary Ghost OG with some old-school Skunk Haze. The second parent adds that more Sativa dominant elevating and energetic buzz, that combines well with the power of Kush and uber frosty buds thanks to the Durban Poison. Banana Sherbet is a sweet option for all those who want a lovely hybrid with a dessert profile but hits hard like a train.​

Growing the Banana Sherbet can be considered moderately difficult. She is not really demanding, grows vigorously in the growth phase, reacts well to topping and LST techniques. Indoors she will not grow very tall, in the outdoor conditions she may stretch a bit. You can feed her fully and expect a lot of harvest of mood-elevating buds.

​Most phenotypes will represent both sides of the parental line. The aroma, flavor, and high from Sunset Sherbet are guaranteed as well as the thickness of the buds, and trichome coverage is derived from the Banana Kush genetics. All in all, almost an optimal strain, due to its taste also being a favorite among the blunt rollers among us.​

Since Bana Sherbet is a poly-hybrid with both Indica and Sativa traits, it can be used as medicinal cannabis in fighting mental disorders, as well as it can give a lot of pain relief.

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