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Wedding Crasher - 5 cannabis seeds

Wedding Crasher - 5 cannabis seeds

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For those of you already very familiar with the US cannabis scene already know that Wedding Crasher’s name implies that it probably contains a famous Wedding Cake in its genetics. They are very right because Wedding Crasher is indeed a cross of a Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Hailing from the famous Symbiotic Genetics family, the Wedding Crasher is a real treat for modern cannabis enthusiasts. The Wedding Cake strain needs no introduction. A famous cross containing the legendary Triangle Kush and Cookie genetics makes one of the most amazing strains out there! The sweet but gassy flavors and aromas make you want to smoke and smell this cannabis forever. The second part of the parental lineage consists of a Purple Punch which as usual is being used to enforce better production, density, and a bag appeal. However, the Wedding Cake seems to be a dominant parent in many phenotypes which makes it a real crasher!​

Despite the name Wedding Crasher offers very soothing effects but long-lasting, and indeed quite energetic, and at times also sedative if consumed in a large amount. The sweet gassy smell translates perfectly to the flavor and will combine Kush and fruit, skunk, sweet vanilla flavors. The look of Wedding Crasher dense buds is also very much bag appealing.  Mostly dark green with some purple hues and vibrant orange hairs buds when perfectly cultivated are very dense, so you will need a good grinder to crush it. The Wedding Crasher was popularized in the recreational cannabis market of California by the big growers in the game- The Jungle Boys collective.

The beautiful combo of the Wedding Cake and a Purple Punch offers a lot of characteristics of an ultimate cannabis strain. Both the lovers of the old-school type of skunky, gassy weed with a strong euphoric effect Wedding Cake side of genetics) as well as the new-school, more fruity, sweet, and exotic strains (Purple Punch side of genetics) will be satisfied.

​Growing the Wedding Crasher is also a treat. As is the case with many Purple Punch crosses, those plants just do their thing. If you give them a lot of time in the growth phase, and a decent amount of Low-Stress Training ( they do not mind it, very resistant strain) they will branch out a lot, and usually most of the phenotypes will not stretch a lot in the flowering phase. Usually finishing around week 9 of the bloom. If you want to be sure that she will develop, fully give her a couple of days longer in the final phase of the flowering (day 65-70). A lot of phenotypes will of course be perfect for harvest at the end of week 8 already.​

Except for its amazing bag appeal, aroma, and easy growing, the Wedding Crasher also offers a lot of benefits for medicinal cannabis patients. Mostly against chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other ailments.


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