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Zkittlez - 5 cannabis seeds

Zkittlez - 5 cannabis seeds

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We present to you one of our most exotic strains, the famous Zkittlez!! It is one of those strains of cannabis, that once you have had it, you know it.  A room changer cannabis variety. When people smell it across the room, they will just be attracted to the smell which will fill up the room within seconds. It is a thing which you always wanted to smoke! If there is one good representation of how weed can mimic the smell and flavor of the fruit, then it is surely Zkittlez.


Originally bred in the hills of northern California's Emerald Triangle, by a group of very established genetic collectors, breeders, and cultivators under the names of 3rd Gen Fam/Terp Hogz. Zkittlez is a result of a cross between an “Original Dallas Grape Ape”, “Humboldt Grapefruit and some 3rd undisclosed genetic line, that many claims are perhaps an old cross of a legendary strain Cinderella '99, which is known for its fruity terpene profile.  Whichever may be the last mysterious genetic behind Zkittlez, the fact is, that the strain has been stabilized and is now available in a seed form. That mix of genetics caused quite a stir in the cannabis community because of the strain's exotic fruity smell and flavor.

An explosion of a bomb of exotic, sugary, candy-like flavors is the only way to describe the multilayered odor palette rewarded by Zkittlez. Grape Ape x Grapefruit x Unknown make up the bulk of the genetics and when you take your first hit of Zkittlez, it will become clear that her fruity attributes are the result of a proper pheno-hunting and precise breeding techniques. If you break up Zkittlez buds, the predominant flavors are a melting pot of berries, citrus, grapefruit, and tropical candy. Not only is she breaking new ground with her aroma and taste, but she continues to break away from the stereotypical attributes associated with Indica and Sativa.

Zkittlez surfaced slowly over the last five years, originating from a single garden in the West Coast’s most dominant farm — 3rd Gen Fam, winners of 38 awards. It was a cross of a primal grape-flavored strain and another local grapefruit-tasting strain, as well as likely something with fuel in it. Zkittlez lacked bag appeal, but more than made up for it with gobs of tropical candy terps and wholesome, positive effects.

Thanks to recent years of medical and recreational legalization, cannabis breeding and our understanding of plant genetics have come to the point where we almost understand all aspects of cannabis. Part of that process involves developing unique and exotic flavor/terpene profiles. Zkittlez breaks away from the paradigm of classical cannabis strains that were rarely of a “typical weed” terpene. Instead, she seems to breathe a new level of fresh, fruity life into marijuana. That typical musky and earthy stank of your standard White Widow or Skunk is something that we used to associate weed with. Now finally thanks to the exotic combination of the genes we can move away from the stinking cannabis and get into an almost perfume-like smell of weed!

Zkittlez proves also once again, that the THC level is not the most defining fact when it comes to the kind of effect the given cannabis will bring up. Zkittlez shows, that the more exotic and diverse terpene profile can definitely compensate for the lower THC level, with some exceptional type of effect.

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